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All credential requests must be completed online through the PressPass system. To fill out a request, please click on the logo below:

  • Credentials Policies
  • Credentials Guidelines

Preference will be given to media who cover all the home and away games of Texas and Oregon State as well as South Texas media who routinely cover events on the Valero Alamo Bowl’s year long calendar. Media that cover all the home games of either of the two schools receive the next priority.

As a general rule, if either school hasn’t credentialed you for multiple games during the regular season, you won’t be credentialed for the Valero Alamo Bowl. For more detailed information, please click the "credential guidelines" tab.

In addition to the above policy, specific outlets must meet the following guidelines to be credentialed:

  • Newspapers: All newspapers must be dailies with a Sunday edition and circulation above 30,000.
  • Television: All stations must have regular nightly sports segments with a full-time sports director/talent.
  • Radio Stations: Radio stations must have a sports director and regular daily sports shows. These stations must cover either the two teams (as determined by the two team's SIDs) and/or the Valero Alamo Bowl on a regular, year-round basis.
  • Photographers: Staff photographers who represent accredited daily newspapers and national magazines are given first preference on sideline credentials. There is no photo space available in the press box. All photographers on the sideline must be carrying professional cameras. No cutline writers, grips or messengers will be allowed in this area due to congestion.
  • School Outlets: Maximum of two press, two photo will be provided to designated school newspapers. Maximum of one reporter, one photo pass will be provided to school educational TV. Maximum of one photo pass will be provided to school yearbook.
  • Credentials are for official business only and are non-transferable.
  • No spouses, dates or children, except those performing in a working capacity, will be allowed in Alamodome media facilities or on the sideline.
  • The Alamo Bowl reserves the right to revoke any credential used by individuals not fully accredited, or an individual not in compliance with press box and/or sideline standards.
  • NFL, professional football teams: The Valero Alamo Bowl will issue credentials to NFL and professional football scouts on an "as-available" basis.  After a capacity number is met, scouts will have to purchase a game ticket. 

Photo Credentials
Credentials for sideline photographers will be issued on the same basis of priority as working press. Similarly, photographers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Photo credentials must be worn in plain sight at all times.
  • Anyone wearing a photo credential and not shooting game action will be required to surrender their credential and leave the facility immediately.
  • Photographers are permitted on either sideline or endline.
  • Persons with sideline access are not permitted within the TEAM BENCH AREA (inside the 25-yard lines) at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Persons in violation of this policy will be required to surrender their credential and leave the stadium.
  • Persons with sideline access must remain behind the 12-foot restraining line surrounding the field at all times.
  • No cameras are permitted in the sideline area other than those shooting in a working capacity for official media organizations. All persons possessing photo credentials must have proper professional equipment and be shooting actual game action.
  • Television stations will be allowed to film from the sidelines during the game. However, the Valero Alamo Bowl's contract with ESPN prohibits the use of game highlights on local newscasts prior to the completion of the game. A distribution amp will also be provided adjacent to ESPN’s production truck in the loading dock area of the Alamodome for use by television stations wanting game highlights.
  • Credentials will not be issued to TV assistants or “grips.”
  • Acceptance of credentials constitute agreement by the bearer and his/her media organization to abide by the conditions as prescribed by the Alamo Bowl.
  • All credentials remain property of the Valero Alamo Bowl and must be surrendered upon request.

Media Credentials
Credentials will not be mailed. Individuals may claim all passes issued to his/her media organization. Lost or misplaced credentials will not be replaced. All media credentials remain property of the Valero Alamo Bowl and must be surrendered upon request.

Media Will Call
Credentials are available for pick-up at the Media Hotel (Marriott Riverwalk) duirng posted Media Headquarters hours. At 2:00 p.m. Media Will Call will be moved from the hotel to the east side of the Alamodome at the East Plaza Entrance (50 yard-line by train tracks). A table will be located inside the East Plaza Entrance, with the media elevators also located adjacent to the will call table.