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December 30th, 2006
Iowa Post Game-December 30, 2006

--Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach Overall comments about bowl experience: ?Congratulations to Texas. Both teams played extremely well. Good players impressed with coaching and team. Thanks to Alamobowl even better experience and the community of San Antonio is a great place to host a bowl. I feel bad for team and am appreciative of the seniors.? On the reverse play: ?The reverse play was totally my fault. I was being greedy. I thought we had a secure play. It was bad judgement on my part; I put the team in a bad position.? On the called back touchdown: ?Scott moved into the line. I didn?t agree with the call, but it was a close call. It was a mistake we made. The officiating crew did an outstanding job.? On seniors: ?Seniors stepped up. Drew Tate played well. Best performance. We had a lot of positives. You hate to lose. We looked like and Iowa football team.? On the big picture: ?Have not had a ton of opportunities to have big plays this season. Whatever happened, the players responded and you have a chance. What life is about is how you respond.?

December 30th, 2006
Texas Post Game-December 30, 2006

--Speaker: Colt McCoy, Texas Quarterback On having success throwing the ball and little success with the run: ?We were just gonna do whatever it took to win. That?s what Coach Davis told me, ?You don?t know what their going to do in the game but you?re gonna have to take what they give you, every snap and eventually chip away. That was our mentality coming in? On having any rust early in the game because of injuries: ?You tell me. I?m just glad to be back, I had my confidence back. Coach Brown talked about dedication and family and I dedicated that game, and those three senior offensive linemen are like family to me. I can?t say enough about them, I?ll miss them so much. They?re incredible.? On the team as a whole playing better: "Aaron Ross got us started in the end zone. We go 80 or so yards and score right before the half. That turned the game around for us. Nobody gave up and everybody believed and kept playing.?

December 29th, 2006
Head Coaches Press Conference-December 29, 2006

--Speaker: Mack Brown, Texas Head Coach Opening statement: ?We want to thank the City of San Antonio and the Alamo Bowl for the hospitality they?ve given us. I know Kirk and the Hawkeyes have been here before and we have not, but if you have the opportunity to go where someone wants you to go and. you have a great opponent that you respect a lot in the University of Iowa, it makes it a fun week. You look at these two football teams, their senior classes have been so go over the past five years they?ve really made an impact on college football. We were both 5-1 at the beginning of the year with a loss to Ohio State. Then some injuries and turnovers happened and both teams finished differently and that?s why I think you?ll see such a good football game tomorrow. We knew we had respect for Iowa, but watching Coach Ferentz and the discipline and character of his team, it makes more excited about the challenge we have ahead of us.? On Darrell Royal being at the game: ?He is the essence of University of Texas football. When you?ve won national championships and your names on the stadium it makes it pretty neat. We were worried when we thought he might not get to come to the game because he didn?t know if he was going to get to watch the other football games before and after ours. He?s still a football fan and coach and loves the history of the game.? On having to prepare without Coach Chizik and his expectations of him being a good coach at Iowa State: ?Obviously you would rather have him here and keep your continuity. But the only difference would be that Duane will be calling the plays and we have confidence in that from his experiences at Arizona. He?s go integrity, he?s a nice man. It?ll be fun to watch him, I think he?ll do a great job.? On the layoff leading up to the bowl game: ?Bowl games are different. When you?ve got seniors that are used to winning, they want to leave with a good taste in their mouth and that?s the case for both of these teams and that?s the reason it?s such a great matchup. I can promise you both teams have worked just as hard as if we were playing January 8th. Everyone wants to win just as bad. It?s still about the game, not just about what?s at the end. There won?t be anybody else on TV but us. It?s got everything that we want.? On the importance of staying ranked in the polls by season?s end: ?I don?t think anything is important other than being the best that you can be and trying to win the game. You look at Michigan last year they?re 7-5 and this year they?re three points away from playing for a national championship. Win or lose we both have to go to spring practice and replace some incredible senior that are leaving. I don?t even know if we have momentum from week to week anymore. Yes, we both want to win, that?s what you do this stuff for.? On the possibility of Sergio Kindle getting some playing time at the running back position: ?We probably won?t use him. If we do it will be on a limited basis. We wanted to move Henry Melton and get him some more time at defensive end. We worked (Sergio) a little bit at tailback for short-yardage situations.? --Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach Opening statement: ?We?re thrilled to be in the football game. It?s a great venue for a bowl game. We found that out six years ago when we were here with this present staff. It?s been a great experience for the team the entire time the?ve been here in San Antonio. Obviously, were thrilled to be in a game of this magnitude to play a team like the University of Texas? so talented and well coached, and has such a steep tradition in football. It?s a great honor to be here. I think were all at this point, coaches and players, are all anxious to get to game time.? On Haden Fry being at the game: ?We?re equally excited about Coach Fry being with us as well. He joined us on Wed with his wife, Shirley. Being from Texas, he?s got a lot of family in the state and they will be joining him. It?s just fantastic he can be with us and join us in this trip. Coach Fry has such an impact on football in the state of Iowa. Not only at the collegiate level, but in the entire state. He?s really impacted the high schools when he came to Iowa in the late 70s. Opening late personnel changes: ?We do have one piece of news that didn?t turn out well. Mike Klinkenborg will not start the ball game. He injured his foot up in Iowa City. We were hopeful that he?d be back in practice this week. He tried a couple of times, but just can?t go. Zach Gabelmann will take his place. He?s a 5th-year senior. He?ll do a great job for us. We won?t change a thing. We?re going to play the way we play. He?s a very capable guy, he?s done a great job, had weeks of preparation and he?ll jump in there and do a great job.? On fan support: ?It?s just amazing. It?s probably the first thing that struck me when I went to Iowa to interview. It certainly impacted me the first ballgame against Nebraska in ?81. I really haven?t changed anything. I like to tell people. It?s no question in my mind, that?s why we?re here this year. Our fan support has been amazing, a long tradition. I think we?re extremely fortunate, I can?t imagine any fans being more loyal and more passionate.? On Drew Tate?s brace: ?The good news is that the rest of the guys look to be pretty healthy. Tate is looking forward to taking that brace off. Any bumps in the road when he had it on, he?s not using that as a crutch. Obviously, you are not as comfortable, hands are a pretty important part of being a quarterback, even though it?s not his throwing hand. He feels a lot better with that thing off. He?s had a couple of workouts with it off. If something happens, it will happen. I think that?s his attitude right now.? On the game: ?I think it?s simplistic. Losing is never a big thing, it?s how you play. I?ve learned in my career if you do things well, you will win what you ought to. We didn?t give ourselves a fair chance in that last ballgame. Not to discredit our opponent, they played an excellent game. If we don?t start with the basics, play with great effort and play fundamentally sound, then we will not be successful as a team in any season. We can?t go back and undo any disappointments this season, but we are getting our feet back on the ground and really focusing on what?s important.? On the importance of the first quarter to being able to win the game: ?No matter what happens we have to play hard for four quarters to have a shot. We have to play hard and well for 60 minutes, no matter what the score is. I don?t see it as a huge factor, but how we approach the entire game is the big thing.?

December 28th, 2006
Iowa Defense Press Conference-December 28, 2006

--Speaker: Norm Parker, Iowa Defensive Coordinator Opening statement: ?These guys have been part of what?s been a good defense for the past five years. Through injuries or whatever you want to call it, we didn?t play defense this year they way that were used to playing defense and this gives us the opportunity to go out and play the game the way it?s supposed to be played and I think they?re anxious to go out and give it a shot. We?re playing a great team. They?ve go great talent, great speed?they?re an excellent football team. It?ll be a challenge for us.? On the loss of key players throughout the season: ?Injuries are an excuse. But obviously a second-teamer is not as good as a first-teamer. We were 5-0 at one point and pretty decent. But we lost a lot of guys and that hurt us. But now those guys are ready to roll and I hope they last. We?ve just got to pick it up. Sometimes you have to overcome your coaching. We?ve just got to play better.? On sizing up the Texas running game: ?When I look at them up front I think they might be the best team we?ve faced from tackle to tackle. I think they?re really good inside?those backs are good backs. You guys are ragging on them a little bit but you must be watching a different team than I?m watching. I just hope they don?t come out and ball us. That?s a concern with their size, strength and speed?I worry about that.? On the Texas spread offense: ?I think it?s sort of the trend in college football. That same offense was good enough to win the national title last year so it can?t be too bad. Those guys didn?t forget offense overnight. They create a lot of problems. They?ve got a lot of good and exceptional players and I think that some place in that offense there?s a spot to giver every one of those players the ball. They make you defend every player on the field. They?ve got some good looking cats out there, that?s not just average people.? On the possibility of changing defensive philosphies: ?We?ll probably do what everyone else does; this games not rocket science. We sort of do what we do, and believe in what we do and we?ve got to do it better. On the performance of linebacker Mike Klinkenborg: ?I think it was outstanding. We had a guy before him that was a great player and a great leader. Mike came in and led the team in tackles and was ranked real high in the Big Ten in tackles. He?s an extremely smart guy, you can?t stand up here and tell him cause it goes to there heads. That part of it was a success.? On Colt McCoy: ?I think the guy is really good. I had never really seen him before and then we started watching films of him. I sort of said to myself, ?This guy?s a freshman?? I think the guy is outstanding. There was only one Vince Young in the history of the game. He?s the real deal. He looks like he?s a heck of leader. He can take off and run with the ball and hurt you and seems like he?s in control of what he?s doing. He?s a heck of a player, that guy?s darn good. I mean, 29 touchdown passes is pretty good?I don?t care who you are.? --Speaker: Bryan Mattison, Iowa Defensive End On the team?s bowl preparation during the last month: ?We had a whole month off getting back to the basics. We had a whole month to concentrate on getting back where we were, and the basics. Going out and having fun and playing defense the way Iowa plays defense. We have a great opportunity here. I can?t put your finger on the game where it started spiraling down, but it?s a good chance to get back after it.? --Speaker: Mike Klinkenborg, Iowa Linebacker On the team?s bowl downward spiral late in the season: ?There?s a lot of games that we should have won this year. But I mean we lost the Ohio State game but we I think we came back really strong against Purdue and played a really good game. And then the Indiana game was a close one, we could have been in there and won it. Each week there was a loss but during practices we came back and I felt like we were practicing better each week.? On Colt McCoy: ?He?s a true freshman and just watching him during the year?taking on the pressure and trying to come in under Vince Young. He had a great year. Who ever comes in there, we expect him to play his best and that?s what we have to prepare for. He?s a great athlete and great quarterback, and can run the all.? --Speaker: Miguel Merrick, Iowa Defensive Back On the team?s bowl preparation during the last month: ?For the last month we have gone back to the basics. Trying to go over fundamentals and doing what we do best, running hard to the all, working hard and gelling as a team. This past month has definitely helped us. Just having fun playing football.? On the importance of playing well against the defending national champions: ?There has been some talk. I think whenever you have a chance to play against the defending national champs and a team such as Texas it?s an opportunity to go out there and play your best. As a competitor and an athlete you always want to go out there and play your best and you are playing against the best in the country. It?s an opportunity to right some of the things that happened this year.? On Limas Sweed and the other Longhorn receivers: ?He?s a big physical guy and has a lot of speed. Able to make a lot of plays but I don?t want to take away from the other guys, they have a great core of receivers. And those guys have been able to make plays as you have seen all year. It?s something that we are going to have to definitely contain. It?s another opportunity to go against the best and we are looking forward to it.? --Speaker: Ed Miles, Iowa Linebacker On the Longhorn running game: ?The backs are one of the two best backs we?ve played all year. But also, we want to get some good backs in the Big Ten with Hart and Pittman and Hill. I think you have to attribute that to the front guys?the biggest and the fastest. It?s going to be a task for us. We need to capitalize on their mistakes. If they fumble or turn over the ball, we need to capitalize on that. That?s what we are trying to do in this game.? On the team?s bowl preparation during the last month: ?I think this past month we went back to the basics, and what we know best, which is Iowa football. Defense wise?going over tackling, going over our fundamentals and running the ball. In the past that is what Iowa defense has been know for?their toughness and the fact that everyone runs the ball. This past month we just went back to the basics and tried to find that gel that we have had in past years.?

December 28th, 2006
Texas Offense Press Conference-December 28, 2006

--Speaker: Greg Davis, Offensive Coordinator Opening statement: ?We?re excited about being here in San Antonio. It?s just been outstanding. Our kids are having a great time. Everything about the bowl game has been first class. We?re excited about Iowa, we have great respect for what Coach Ferentz and his staff have done over the years. We?re looking forward to an outstanding bowl game on Saturday.? On tweeking the game plan for the bowl preparations: ?We had a month off. You?re not going to see the split-back veer or anything like that. But we had a chance to evaluate some of the things we?ve been doing and look at some things. There will be a few things different that we haven?t done. You basically have a spring training to prepare for your bowl game. --Speaker: Colt McCoy, Quarterback On coming off the injury: ?I feel good you know. The most important thing is I feel confident. I?ve got that confidence back in my arm and my strength. I feel pretty confident with these guys standing in front of me. We?re pretty excited.? On the experience playing and making the transition to being a starter: ?It?s been very easy. These guys have done a tremendous job all year. Knowing that the guys being in front of me are experienced, they?ve made my life a whole lot easier. They know what their job is every play. Knowing that and knowing that I can feel comfortable in the backfield with them in front of me, it?s been incredible. We?re really gonna miss them. They?ve also been really good leaders and teachers to the guys coming up. We want to win one for them before they go out.? On what he?s learned from looking at game film of Iowa?s defense: ?They?re defensive line is really big and really strong. They don?t blitz very much, but when they do blitz they?re pretty smart with it and they blitz at the right time. Their defense also understands where they need to be on every play. They really don?t give up the big play very much, especially not in the running game. They?re a really sound football team and really well coached. We?re going to have to be on top of our game to win this one.? --Speaker: Quan Cosby, Wide Receiver On his preparation to play the quarterback position: ?I?m a receiver first. It?s about going out there and getting ready as a receiver. I could play there if they needed me but that?s not where we?re at right now. I just want to go out and play hard as a receiver and do whatever it takes to help this team win.? --Speaker: Justin Blalock, Offensive Tackle On it being a letdown to be playing in the Alamo Bowl: ?I wouldn?t say it?s a letdown by any means. It?s Very tough to win consistently. Statistically half the teams lose every Saturday. So it?s very tough to train together a run like that, especially in consecutive years. The way that this team has fought this year I don?t think that there?s any feeling about the way that this ended up. The games that we were fortunate enough to win we were fighting. As long as you drive and give it your best shot, to the bitter end. I don?t see anything wrong with it. It?s a football game, it?s what we do, it could be out in the parking lot, we would be just as fired up as any other bowl, just as excited.? On finishing off his career at Texas with four consecutive 10-win seasons: ?It?s a very special and very tough thing to do. For people at the top of the game it?s really tough to win. You get everyone?s best shot every week. It?s other people?s national championship when you come to town. Every week we go somewhere they?re setting new attendance records it seems. So to ward off everyone?s best shot week in and week out, it?s a great testament to the job our coaches do in recruiting and game playing as well.? --Speaker: Kasey Studdard, Offensive Guard On the Alamo Bowl being the last game of his collegiate career: ?It?s the last year to go around and last time to wear orange. It?s an honor to play in the Alamo Bowl. We have a lot of fans here. We will play our best. It?s crazy to think this is our last game for Texas and in Texas or anywhere else for that matter.? On the possibility of playing with a new starting quarterback: ?We don?t worry about that man. I don?t really like that question. It?s football, you?re gonna get hit in football. It?s a physical game. Colt is fine. Look at him, he?s up here right now. I?m one hit away from getting hurt, too. You never know who it is.? --Speaker: Lyle Sendlein, Center On playing in the Alamo Bowl: ?This year has been a learning experience. We handle what people are going to give you. Being at Texas, we?re everyone?s best shot. Some wait 364 days for one day to play us. We are a bigger target. I?m happy for the younger guys to learn from it for the future. We?re excited to be here.? --Speaker: Selvin Young, Running Back On the Longhorn running game: ?Coming off the season we had last year I?d say we won because people couldn?t stop two running backs in the backfield at the same time. We have a different type of style. A lot of teams played up and Colt did a great job and destroyed a lot of teams that tried to pack the box. Our goal was just to try and stay healthy and keep pounding and pounding the rock and the play- action and pass will come to us and Coach David will keep us ahead of the chains.?

December 27th, 2006
Iowa Offense Press Conference-December 27, 2006

--Speaker: Ken O'Keefe, Iowa Offensive Coordinator Opening statement: ?The week?s going fine. We scheduled indoor practice today at the dome. The floor at Trinity is a little soggy, so we felt we could get a little better surface today to set our tempo.? On being at the Alamo Bowl: ?The Alamo Bowl is a great bowl. Everyone treats you great in San Antonio and everyone is excited for the opportunity to come back. Our opponent is a great opponent. The University of Texas are the defending national champions. We have a tremendous challenge on our hands with the defense they have, which has been outstanding all year long. They are very talented. In their defense, they have more speed than we?ve seen all along. Their aggressive style of play will give us a bunch of different looks to try and confuse us, make us think about what we want to do and keep us on our toes. How we handle those looks and how we make our decisions at the line of scrimmage will determine how we play.? On feelings about the team?s performance in the last six games: ?The biggest thing from our standpoint offensively is that we didn?t take care of the football the way that we?re capable of and we didn?t make as many plays as we?re capable of making. It really boils down to those two things.? On Texas? losses to Kansas State and Texas A&M: ?Those two teams played very well. They took care of the football and made big plays. In the Kansas State game they made some big pass plays off of play-actions and moved the quarterback around quite a bit. They ran pretty well, and obviously with A&M the option was a factor in that game as far as moving their offense. On Albert Young being in and out of the offense because of injuries: ?He?s a guy who can run with the football and get them out of the backfield and we can utilize him as receiver. He?s big enough to protect in there so we can be a little more balanced. We really haven?t changed at all (without him). Albert has struggled with a few injuries through the season. We have kept to who we are. Sims is capable of doing what Albert does and when Sean Green was healthy, the same with him. We expect Albert to get back to full speed, and be who he is in our offense.? On this season?s outcome affecting next year?s team: ?If anything, what it did was force coaching staff to go back, even as a team, to the fundamentals and basics that will get you to where you want to go with your football team. There is nothing complicated about that. You can second guess yourself about a lot of different things. Bottom line is that is ancient history. We are focused on playing our best football of the year right not. These guys have been working their rear ends off for the past four or five weeks to do just that.? On implementing more trick plays in the offense: ?Most of time it is a matter of execution, is what it boils down to. It takes eleven guys in football to get a big play out there. It only takes one guy that breaks down, whatever position that may be, that may prevent that play from becoming a big play. There are a lot of variables involved. We scored on a reverse against Indiana. The average college game is down to about 62 plays, with the new time changes. So, is about 25 percent enough?? On eliminating turnovers: ?There is a fine line in that entire area. Again, we don?t talk in terms of turning the ball over, we talk I terms of taking care of the football. That is what we?re focusing on.? --Speaker: Scott Chandler, Iowa Tight End On feelings about quarterback Drew Tate: ?Well, I think Drew has taken a lot of blame for what has gone wrong?you know its probably been misplaced. You get to see his persona when he?s yelling at us when we?re losing, or when we?re winning he?s cheering everyone on. He?s the same guy day in and day out. He?s been the same guy all four years. On playing his last game as a senior: "I?m really excited be able to play my last game in my home state and I?m looking forward to the opportunity to play against the defending national champions.? --Speaker: Drew Tate, Iowa Quarterback On if Texas?s poor pass defensive ranking has him excited: ?Not really. Coach Ferentz talked yesterday and it doesn?t really matter what we?ve done, or what they?ve done, it just comes down to one game.? On his feeling about the playing back in his home state of Texas: ?Just win. But when I found out that we were coming here to play, I was the most excited that I?d been all year. It?s just special coming back here, being from here and everything that the state has done for me, with the recruiting process and the notoriety in high school. It?s just really exciting. Being able to come back here and play against somebody like Texas, it just doesn?t get any better.? On his feelings about how the season has played out thus far: ?It was tough, on me and everyone else. These other guys wanna win just as bad as I do. Just because we lost doesn?t mean it?s worse on me than them. We got what we deserved I think because we didn?t play the way we were supposed to play to win.? --Speaker: Marshal Yanda, Iowa Left Tackle On matching up with Texas? defense: ?Defensive ends, and the speed they have, the guys that they gave, we?re gonna have to concentrate a lot and we?re very excited to have this opportunity. We just gotta have a good practice today and get ready for Saturday.? On going up against Tim Crowder and other All-Big 12 defenders: ?It?s not really much different for me. You have to take the same approach just like any other game. If you don?t then those guys that aren?t All-Big Ten or All-Big 12 will hurt you. I?m going to treat it like it?s just another game week for us?not any higher of a priority or of upgraded importance.? On the speed factor when going up against the Longhorn defense: ?We?re going to have to really focus on the fundamentals and the details. You have to determine if they?re gonna beat you inside-out and what makes you a good enough football player to be able to handle it. And that?s what I?m going to try to do.? On how the team responds to quarterback Drew Tate: ?I?d say 150 percent. All year long in practice and every game we?ve had there hasn?t been any conflict or cancer that tries to eat at the team from the inside out. I?ve been on teams like that and this program, in the two years I?ve been here, everybody?s behind (Drew). I?m behind him 110 percent. --Speaker: Mike Elgin, Iowa Right Guard On Texas?s defensive line: ?Their entire defensive line, first thing that jumps out to us is how well they play together and their intensity when they run the ball. They?re a tough unit and it?ll be a tough challenge for us five up front to go up against their four. It?ll be a great challenge and we?re looking forward to it.? On comparing Texas to Michigan and Ohio State up front: ?Compare a lot to Michigan and Ohio State, you know they?re tough and physical up front, but it?s hard to make that comparison because we haven?t played Texas.? On what Iowa football is: ?I think Iowa football is the hustle, the tenacity, and giving it your all on every play. Improving on some of the things that we weren?t really going full speed on at times this season.?

December 27th, 2006
Iowa Practice-December 27, 2006

--Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach On late season losses: ?It was pretty obvious after the last games that we had a lot of work to do. Today's practice was cleaner and I think we're going in the right direction. ? On preparing for Texas: "Last Thursday was the first time I even looked at tape. We're still recruiting and I think the more tape you look the worse you get." On extra practice time a bowl provides: "Our guys know we evaluate them all year and this practices give them another opportunity to get looked at. Our most important focus is to gte our team healthier." On inconsistency of this year's team: "We got a great group of young people but when you go 6-6 you're not doing anything consistently. The question is can we show up and play a good football game because what's done in done." On the team's mindset: "In 1999 and 2000 we had to learn how to win. In 2002, we had to learn how to deal with winning. A lot of our guys haven't been knocked on our tails and now that we have we've got to get up off the ground and perform."

December 27th, 2006
Texas Defense Press Conference-December 27, 2006

--Speaker: Duane Akina, Texas Defensive Coordinator On being in San Antonio: ?We?re excited to be here at the Alamo Bowl representing the state of Texas, and playing against a great opponent?the University of Iowa.? On previous opponents similar to Iowa: ?Ohio State would come to mind. I?d say because of the legs of the quarterback? he?s very active and he does a great job of keeping himself alive. Oklahoma State, too, because of their running game and once again an athletic, very productive quarterback. They?re both very balanced teams.? Opinion as to why Iowa lost five of their last six games: ?It?s tough probably. It comes down to making plays at critical times. Takeaways have hurt them. I think they have played some outstanding opponents...Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin. The conference is very balanced on any given day anything can happen.? On feelings about playing in the Alamo Bowl and not a BCS bowl: ?Any time that this bowl gets sold out in less than 48 hours it?s a statement of the support that Texas people have for this football team. It just shows that everyone has a sense of how these guys have played all year long, how they have overcome such adversity. They (the fans) really appreciate the effort. It?s just amazing how they sold it out so quickly and we do not have enough tickets to give to our fans, so if there are any out there we would love to have them.? On this game serving as a job interview: ?It?s not an issue, we?ll go out and find the best coaches that are out there. I?ve held every title known to mankind and I?m at a stage in my career where holding titles is not a primary aspect for me. We go out we put product on the field that this University and the state will be proud of. I don?t want people talking about what we?re doing, its how we play the game, and that?s what we need to be focusing on.? On Iowa running back, Albert Young: ?I have great respect for him and Sims, I think they do an outstanding job working with most of the backs. I see a little bit of a different style, not very patient in the running game they run. They are very explosive once they get into the field, they do a good job with takeaways and open-field tackling. There are things that you won?t change, they?ll continue to run the ball with great consistency, set up some of verticals play-action passes.? On the takeaways: ?I think the takeaway issue is what we?ve addressed we spoke earlier doing two a days, one defense that me and jean wanted to focus on was takeaways, 2nd in the county in takeaways, coach the games, finishing the game with our eyes and our hands, attitude you try to build with your defense, I don?t care if you are in the NFL or taken down to little league.? --Speaker: Brian Robison, Texas Defensive Back On losing defensive coordinator Gene Chizik: ?Obviously it?s a very big loss, he brought in a great defensive scheme this year and he?s the type of guy that brings a lot of emotions to the table much like Coach Akina here, he just comes in w the attitude of being physical and playing with emotion and getting out there and being very disciplined and doing your job when its needed.? On playing with Tim: ?I have enjoyed the last four years playing with Tim. It?s going to be an emotional game because it is the last game for us seniors. Tim and I always compete with each other, so I have to make sure I put on a better show than him.? --Speaker:Aaron Ross, Texas Cornerback On how he?s feeling after the car accident: ?Tired, very, it?s been a long month, I?ve done a lot of traveling, studying for finals and early morning practices. It?s just been a long road through December.? On team?s overall health: ?I think everyone is healthy, I was watching film today and it looks just like it was at the beginning of the season. Mike?s healthy, I?m healthy, Mark?s healthy, everybody?s healthy, so its pretty good.? On playing Iowa in the Alamobowl: ?We?re excited to be here, myself especially, I?m from San Antonio, my family is here and they get to come see me play, so me personally I?m very excited to be here and the team as well. Iowa?s a great team and I want to go out with a win, it?s my last game and I?m pretty sure all the seniors here feel the same.? On rumors about medical history concerns after car accident: ?Nothing to be of concern, I don?t know where that came from but I?m very fortunate I didn?t hurt anyone and I didn?t hurt myself. I?m very thankful for the police and the EMS, and that?s just about it.? --Speaker: Frank Okam, Texas Defensive Tackle On coming back next year: ?That?s the plan.? On feelings about the last game of the season: ?After two losses you always wanna come back with a better showing. It?s the last game of the season and for the seniors you always ant to go out on top. And I feel like this game is actually a stepping stone to next years team. Basically just end up with a better showing and just play more consistent this last game.? On the bowl game being a momentum-builder for next season: ?Every bowl game is. Te last two teams that were here in Nebraska and Michigan both had outstanding seasons this year. If you take the right physical and mental approach you?re preparing yourself for a well-played game.? --Speaker: Mike Griffin, Texas Safety On playing his last game: ?Going to this last game is going to be a fun, but then again it?s going to be a memory of the great experience I had at the University of Texas?playing with my brother, Aaron Ross, Michael Huff, and playing for Coach Akina. I learned a lot at the University of Texas, and had some great experiences. It will be something I will always remember.? On general attitude of playing in the Alamo Bowl: ?We?re excited to be here?myself especially. I?m from SA and all my family can come to the game. Iowa is a great team?I want to go out with a win in my last game.? Thoughts on Drew Tate: ?Reminds me of Colt, and a little bit of Stephen McGee. He?s a great passer, and can throw the ball accurately. He has great placement on the ball, and is a very athletic quarterback. He is a tough quarterback, and can take a hit. We look forward to playing against him.? --Speaker: Tim Crowder, Texas Defensive End On the defensive struggles in their three losses: ?That?s just a sign of football. Some games you?re going to play well and some days you aren?t. You got to give credit to Texas A&M. They are the best offensive line we?ve played all year. People need to give them their credit. Losing our last two games can?t really dictate on everything we?ve done all year. You never really know what?s going to happen. You never really worry about the ones you win though, it?s the ones you lose that stay in your mind. If it doesn?t bother you when you lose then you should be playing another game. Sometimes things don?t go your way?but that?s what the sport is and you just have to accept it and keep playing hard.?

December 26th, 2006
Texas Practice-December 26, 2006

--Speaker: Mack Brown, Texas Head Coach On team's academics: ?We actually had 41 guys that ended up with a 3.0 or better this semester and 21 of those 41 ended up with a 3.5 or better. So we had probably our best semester academically since we?ve been here and that is a great credit to Brian Davis, his staff and those kids.? On practice: ?The guys worked really hard, they were really physical and they?ve got great respect for what they?ve seen with the Iowa team. They know they?ve had some injuries, they?ve played three great teams and they know their turnover ration didn?t end up like they wanted to. But they also know that they?ve got a great football team and it will be fun to have that challenge for this weekend.? On the end of finals aiding bowl focus: ?It does. It is obvious that neither us nor Iowa finished the way we wanted to and it will be two teams excited about getting it fixed on Saturday. I think that is one of the great match ups about these two teams.? On the Iowa Hawkeyes: ?Kirk Ferentz is one of the best coaches in the country. He has been up for every pro job and a lot of college jobs over the last number of years. Their team has been one of the best teams in college football for the last five years, this senior class. They are a team that is very well coached. They are not a big blitzing team. They are going to line up, they are going to be sound and they are going to make you beat them. They are not going to beat themselves. They?ve got a great kicking game and offensively they are going to run the ball. Of course, Drew Tate is one of the best quarterbacks in our high school history and he is a guy that just makes it happen for them. He is like Brett Favre. He can throw it if you let him sit back there and throw it but he can also make a lot of plays on the move.? On Colt McCoy being as fearless before the injuries: ?The thing we didn?t see I think in looking back at A&M was his confidence. He just didn?t have that spring and that smile and the confidence that he had had because he wasn?t sure going into that ballgame. Last week was saw it and still weren?t sure that they would release him or not. He felt good enough and his dad was down for the last practice last weekend that they went to the doctors and said, ?you know, this looks great. You?ve got three or four days off for Christmas?. He has been accurate, he has been 100 percent, and he is fired up and excited and got a smile on his face again and is ready to play.? On team getting healthier: ?I feel like we are healthier right now than we?ve been since probably the third or fourth week of the season. Roddrick Muckelroy will not play and Derek Lokey will not play and Cedric Dockery will not play. So the guys that were out for the year are out. Tarell Brown and a lot of those guys are running better. I think the Griffins are full speed again for the first time in a long time, so we really feel like we?re probably healthier. Selvin is fine and they just look better and fresh.? On final game for seniors: ?We have got a countdown for the life of this team and obviously Saturday is it. We?ve even talked to them about a lot of these guys may never see each other again and they may never speak to each other again. Teams change the day after the ballgame. At 7:30 when they walk out of that building our senior will never be Texas football players again and some will never play football again. It changes. Their whole life changes as an athlete. It is an emotional week for them and in a lot of ways as we?ve said it is a new beginning for them.? On Christmas day bonding: ?We had a team and family dinner that was really good to welcome everyone back. I read some Christmas stories to them. I think their singing was better than my readings, but it was a fun time. They laughed and had a good time." On Colt McCoy regaining confidence: ?He has had more positive practices well than he had after Kansas State because it was a short turnaround in the 10-day period. Now coming out of A&M and having a lot of positive throws he just looks stronger. The more he builds on that confidence the better it helps him to get ready to play.? On importance of victory for McCoy's confidence next season: ?As far as mine, it?s really important. You?re at Texas and you want to win every game. We?ve set a very high standard at our school and nine wins is something that is so exciting for the large majority of schools across the country. Because we play more than that, it is not where we?d like to be. We obviously want to win 10 and that keeps the string of six straight seasons of 10 or more alive and adds momentum going into spring practice." On whether Iowa is most balanced opponent faced this season: ?They are because of their ability to do both. They are going to line up and they have always had great offensive lineman. Hayden Fry had a 1,000 yard rusher every year he coached I think. It was really important at that time when Kirk worked for him that they line up and run the ball and be physical. They?ve got big strong lineman and until you can deal with the running game, the rest of it is not an issue. Drew is really a good passer, so we?ll have our hands full." --Speaker: Limas Sweed, Texas Wide Receiver On practice: ?It went great. Out here running around, was feeling healthy and feeling fast. It was a great practice and a great team effort today.? On personal past playing experience in Alamodome: ?Me and Tarrel played here in the high school All-American game. We lost so we are going to try to come in and not let the same thing happen. Two times I?ve lost in this stadium. I?m going to try and break that streak.? On Colt McCoy: ?He looks like the old Colt, maybe even a little better. He was out there throwing the deep ball, he was throwing the intermediate route and just looked like the old Colt again.? On Iowa's defense: ?It is a big, physical defense. Guys that pursue the ball well and the secondary, just by looking at them, they look like they are a bunch of big guys that will hit you real hard.? On plans for next season: ?Yeah I?m coming back. A lot of people seem to ask me that and it is a silly question. My intentions are to come back and help this team win as many games as they can.? ?I don?t have any intentions on leaving. I want to come back and I?ve still got some things I need improve on as far as a receiver and as far as a person before I make that step.? On importance of winning Alamo Bowl: ?It will definitely be a big boost coming into next season to win this game. More importantly for the younger guys to start things off right for next season. I definitely don?t want to come into the off-season with a loss. I did that my freshman year when we lost the Holiday Bowl and it wasn?t real pleasant.? --Speaker: Colt McCoy, Texas Quarterback On being in San Antonio: ?I feel great. I?m glad to be in San Antonio and glad to be back with my teammates. We had a great practice today, we were focused and we just have to continue that and continue to prepare for Iowa and we?ll be ready.? On feeling 100 percent physically: "?I do. I feel great. I?m putting the ball where I want to put it accuracy wise and that was the big question. I?m confident also and that?s for me. I want to be out there confident knowing what I can do. Practicing right now, it feels great, everything feels healthy and I?m ready to go.? On importance of being cleared to play: ?The most important thing is for the seniors. I?ve had three senior offensive linemen that have been blocking for me all year. It?s real important for me to go out there and play well for them. This team wants to play well for them. They have done so much for our program, so we are dedicating this game to the seniors. Being able to come out here and play with them one last time, have those guys in front of me, it?s going to be a blast.? On being released to play before arriving in San Antonio: ?They have been evaluating me everyday. I?ve practiced for about two weeks now. Everything has been fine, they?ve been watching me and the coaches have been watching me. I feel great, they?ve released me and now it?s time to get ready for the game.? On starting the game regardless of injury: ?That?s up to the doctors, but I was going to do everything in my power to be out here to play for this team. We want to win 10 games. Iowa is a great opponent. They are going to come out here and give us their best shot and we?ve just got to handle it and play to our standards.? On being nervous for first bowl game appearance: ?You can?t be nervous. You?ve got to be confident, but it?s just another game. We?ve got to come out here and play. We?ve prepared the same way all week. We?ve had more practices, but it?s another game. I?ve watched film the same way I do every time. It?s going to be a lot of fun and we?re excited.? On importance of Alamo Bowl for heading into 2007: ?It?s very important. Especially for all of the younger guys that have come up. We?ve got a lot of young talent and we want to go right into the spring because that?s when those guys are going to develop. If we win in the last game and go in and have a little momentum, it will be really good for us to come into next year.? On having to reestablish himself as a leader: ?The guys have looked for somebody all year and I feel like I?ve done a good job stepping up. They look to me, so I enjoy that. I thrive under that and that?s what I want to be. I want to be somebody that the people look to and that my teammates look to. Going into next spring we?ve got a lot of young talent and we?ve just got to stick together. With a win right here it will give us some good momentum.? On extent of injury: ?It?s not chronic. All the nerve damage is done and if an injury happened again, it wouldn?t be the same kind. It would be something from it?s own injury.? On transfers: ?People are going to have to compete wherever they go. Texas is a place where you can get the best recruits ever. Wherever they are, everybody wants to come to Texas. And that?s a good thing for this university. We are always going to have good players and always be competing at a high level.?

December 26th, 2006
Iowa Practice-December 26, 2006

--Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach On practice: ?We?ve only practiced twice now, but I think the guys are focused. We still have work to do certainly to be ready for Saturday, but we?re off to a decent start and working at it.? On approaching practice different: ?A little bit. I think basically going back to the early part of bowl practice, it was really hard to find anything we did well in the last ballgame. We were on time for kickoff, but outside of that that?s where it ended. We kind of went right back to square one and treat it like the initial part spring practice or camp.? On injuries to key players: ?I?m not a big one for alibis or crutches, but we had our share of obstacles this year. We had several key performers that weren?t 100 percent. That?s a niche for football, unfortunately we weren?t good enough to overcome some of those things that hampered some of our guys. I don?t think he ran with the same decisiveness or confidence that he had a year ago.? On team now: ?I think overall it?s fair to say right now we?re probably healthier than we?ve been at any time this year. That is a positive and hopefully that will help us, but it?s no guarantee that we?ll play the way we?re supposed to play. We can?t assume that just because we?ve got some guys back and are a little bit healthier that pixy dust is going to come down out of the sky. We need to go out and play.? On leadership improving: ?I have been for the most part pleased with the tempo of our practices since our last ballgame. I think we are all doing a better job and that is good. I think the guys have had a good attitude and not only the guys that are most experienced but I think everybody has worked a little bit harder. That?s what we need to do if we?re going to get back and look like a football team again.? On Drew Tate: ?He has been great. The year has been tough on Drew as you might well imagine and I don?t read the internet, but I understand he?s getting killed out there. I?m sure I?m right next to him, but that?s okay. That comes with the territory. His attitude has been outstanding and that is one of his strengths. He is an extremely resilient and extremely tough minded young guy, so that has been good. He is healthy, upbeat and he?s eager to play, I think like all of us.? On Drew Tate?s future: ?I would hope that no matter what happens, everybody will look at the big picture with him. If we lose the ballgame it?s not pretty, but the bottom line is he?s done a great job for the program. He has been a fun guy to be around and a fun guy to coach. I admire his toughness and his love for the game. He is a team guy so that part has been real enjoyable.? --Speaker: Drew Tate, Iowa Quarterback On season: ?There is a lot of stuff that I?ve had to deal with personally with injuries and things like that I?ve never experienced before in high school or my first three years on campus. This year was tough with that and it was tough offensively because we got into a rhythm twice. Championship teams don?t do that. Bowl eligible teams don?t do that. You have to be in sync more than just twice a year.? ?The two best games we played were against Ohio State and Michigan for I?d say three quarters. If we had that same mentality going into say Minnesota or Wisconsin it wouldn?t have been close in my mind.? On how he wants to be remembered: ?Probably in two different perspectives. From my teammates, knowing that I did everything I could for this team and that I made great friendships with every guy that I?ve come in contact with in this program from my freshman year until now. From a spectator?s perspective, watching me play and do everything I could do to help win. Played hurt, played through all of the adversity and left everything on the field.? On past performance in the Alamodome: ?I didn?t do well and our team didn?t do well. We got beat pretty bad. We had Reggie Bush on our team and we didn?t really use him the way we probably should have at the time.? On Texas? defense: ?They have huge guys in the box and very good speed on the outside. They are very fast and they play well. They play teams really hard. They?ll have some flaws here and there with K-State being the high game and holding A&M to so many low points. It depends probably on what day you can catch them.? On nationwide expectations: ?I don?t know. It doesn?t really matter, the expectations outside more than what the coaches taught me and teammates. I think I?ve reached them personally. This year was a hard year with a bunch of young guys running and injuries. In my junior year I thought I was way better than my sophomore year. I thought I?ve progressed every year except this year I don?t think I?ve had as many opportunities to change as I?ve had in the past.? On playing in Texas: ?I found out that we got invited here and I couldn?t have been happier. It was probably the most happy I?ve been all year, even after had gotten beat by Minnesota. I?m about 2 ? - 3 hours down the road and there?s a lot of people that haven?t had the chance to see me play live except on tv. Playing Texas is even better. Playing a team of a caliber of them, the national champs, is just awesome. --Speaker: Albert Young, Iowa Running Back On the season: ?We haven?t played consistent this year and that came to haunt us. We didn?t take advantage of opportunities and we had injuries that also hurt us too. Things happen for a reason. We need to learn from it and move on. It?s a one game season now and we just need to end on a high note.? On nagging injury: ?I haven?t felt the way I wanted to, not at all. Not after the Illinois game. After the third quarter of the Illinois game I haven?t felt the way I wanted period. I sprained my PCL, so I missed two games. It started to come on strong at the end of the year. You know, things happen. That is something you can?t control. I would rather have something like that than go back to my ACL.? On being booed at home: ?It was definitely surprising. I say that because I attend a lot of Eagles games and the home crowd will boo the team. To have that in Iowa, that is something I never really thought about. We didn?t give them anything to cheer about, so you can?t really blame them. We weren?t performing and those tickets aren?t cheap for those people to attend the games and we?re not putting on a performance. You?ll hear good and bad, so as athletes that is something that we know comes with the territory. We definitely don?t want anything like that happening again. It?s not like we?re holding anything against our fans, they didn?t have anything to cheer about.? On what separates Coach Ferentz from other coaches: ?I know some coaches are on a pedistel and you have to set up an appointment to talk with the coach. That?s what took me away from some other schools and I know that for a fact. It?s the truth. We could talk to Coach Ferentz anytime we want. We just walk in his office. Especially this year, Coach Ferentz meant a lot to me because he knows as a team things are frustrating and definitely on a personal level for myself, not having the year I wanted. He?ll just pull me aside and see how I?m doing. Things like that mean a lot to players.? --Speaker: Andy Brodell, Iowa Wide Receiver On team?s offense: ?If everyone is doing their job, we are going to move the ball. We have shown we can be a successful offense and I just think it all starts up front, giving Drew time to throw the ball. He has an easier time making decisions when he has a lot of time to throw it. It comes down to the receivers making plays. It?s one thing we?ve kind of been inconsistent on is making big plays when we need them. If we?re able to make some big plays, we?ve seen on tape that they can be beat on big plays. We?re going to have to try and do that.? On Drew Tate: ?Drew is a great competitor. It?s going to be tough losing him next year, but I think he is looking forward to ending his career on a high note. We are all looking forward to be behind him as an offense and try to get that done for him.? On Drew Tate?s personality: ?He is definitely loose out there on the field. He is easy going out there and tries to keep guys kind of calm. He is definitely a great competitor, one of the best competitors I?ve ever been around. He?s the type of guy you want back there as your quarterback. He puts us in a good position to win usually.? On Head Coach Kirk Ferentz: ?Coach is one of a kind. He is definitely a big reason why the program has been so successful. He?s turned it around definitely and we?re all happy to have him. I think he is happy to be here in Iowa and none of us really worry about him leaving because we know how dedicated he is to the program. He is definitely a great coach and we?re just happy to have him.? --Speaker: Jake Christensen, Iowa Quarterback On being in San Antonio: ?We?ve been working real hard back in Iowa and we?ve come out here and done the same thing. We are preparing for a tough battle in a fourth quarter game and I think that?s how it?s going to be.? On Texas Defense: ?They are fast, their big and their strong. They?re disciplined and they don?t make very many mistakes. The mistakes they make we?ll have to capitalize on.?

December 25th, 2006
Texas Practice-December 25, 2006

--Speaker: Mack Brown, Texas Head Coach On being in San Antonio: "We feel great. Let me say Merry Christmas from the Texas football team and staff to everybody. Our guys got here today and they were really excited. They were here on time and practiced really well. It?s fun and as we?ve said unless you can be in the BCS you?d like to be in the state of Texas and around your fans. I thought it was so overwhelming a message to our football team that our fans bought all the tickets as quick as they did. It will be an exciting time for us on Saturday for them to play in front of their fans, high school coaches and families.? On Colt McCoy practicing: "He practiced well at home and they released him the last day we were there. After our last practice they took him to the doctor and I think he and his dad and family sat down with the doctor, so he is 100 percent ready to go. We are excited about his return.? On Colt McCoy being released to play: ?He has been released to go full speed ahead and we missed his ability to run some in the last ball game. It will be good to be able to go back to our full gamut of plays for the ball game.? ?He looked really really sharp today and I think you can see a difference in his face. He knows he is well now too I think and is ready for the challenge.? On Aaron Ross: ?Aaron is fine. He had a car wreck, but he is fine and practiced today. He bumped his head and he is fine. He is 100 percent and ready to go.? On being in the national championship just one year ago: ?This team has the chance to win ten games. You play this game to win, but you also like to play and you like the challenges. It?s not always smooth and easy. It is a good time for our program to step back up here. Iowa is a really good team and was disappointed that they lost a couple games against top ten teams. They are a much better team than their record and we feel we are a much better team than our record, so that matches up for a great Alamo Bowl on Saturday.? On offense and defense: "I think they'll be excited about trying to get back out there and win the 10th game. That's the most important thing. What you do is you can't let a previous game beat you twice. We might have done that with one, we haven't done it in a long time, so we're not going to let them do it again." On team's secondary: ?We feel like the guys have hung in there and we?ve still played great defense most of the time. We?ve given up more big plays than we?ve wanted to, but we had to put our secondary in tougher spots than normal.?

December 23rd, 2006
Iowa Team Arrival-December 23, 2006

--Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach On being in San Antonio: ?We are thrilled. Our season didn?t turn out quite the way we hoped and that was disappointing certainly, but we are thrilled to be playing in a bowl game first and foremost. The coaches know first hand what a great bowl venue this is and just how good the hospitality is with all of the people associated with the Alamo Bowl and San Antonio. It is even that much more exciting because we play such an outstanding opponent.? On facing the Texas Longhorns: ?They are an excellent football team. They are one of the heralded names prestige wise and tradition wise. If you have the chance to watch them closely you find out just what you might suspect. They are an excellent football team, they?ve got great personnel, they are very well coached and play extremely hard. It is going to be a great challenge for our football team.? On nature of the bowl trip: ?It is a great chance for us to be in a different venue for seven or eight days and we are excited about that. You want the players to certainly enjoy all the festivities. We tried to get as much work as we could done before we got on the plane, but we?ll have to do our work when it?s time to work. The rest of the time we want them to enjoy San Antonio and enjoy all of the great things that are made possible because of this bowl. It takes a maturity level from the team to understand that you want to get two things accomplished: enjoy the week but also prepare to play a great game.? --Speaker: Charles Godfrey, Iowa Defensive Back On being back in Texas: ?Getting of the bus and knowing that I?m in Texas and everybody welcoming us in, it was a great feeling. It made me feel at home, which I am at home in Texas. It is great. Like I said, I was telling some of the guys that asked me about the high school football and I told them it was real big. I said it?s going to be even bigger being in a bowl game in Texas. I?m excited.? On facing the Texas Longhorns: "Texas is an excellent, championship team. These guys are fast, well coached and it?s just an up-tempo team. It?s going to be an up-tempo game and we have to work hard, but we?ll be ready.? On being an underdog: "When you go 6-6 and come into a bowl game playing a championship team like Texas, you?re an underdog. We do have to play very hard to win this game.? --Speaker: Scott Chandler, Iowa Tight End On being back in San Antonio: "I?m excited to be able to come back and play in Texas for the first time in my collegiate career. This is where I ended my high school career and I?m going to end my college career here as well. Hopefully it can be ended on the same note.? On opportunity to defeat a defending national champion: "It would be a huge accomplishment for us. We haven?t had the kind of season we wanted to have, but to end it on a high note would be a good way to go out.? On ending high school career in Alamodome: "We beat Smithson Valley my senior year here in the Alamodome. The coach, it?s his last game and he was the same coach that I had while I was there. The quarterback is his son, so I know him. But I don?t know how many of the kids I know anymore. It?s a growing town.?

December 7th, 2006
AT&T Alamo Bowl Golf Classic-December 7, 2006

--Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach Opening Statement: "First of all, we are thrilled to be here. We were obviously very excited to get the bid when Bob and Derrick called. It really goes back to our previous experience here and being here six years ago. We had just an outstanding experience. Most of all I think our fans will enjoy the hospitality that the bowl puts out and certainly all of the great venues that are available here in San Antonio. Equally as exciting for us is that we are going to be playing such an outstanding opponent in the University of Texas." On playing in the Alamo Bowl in 2001: "I quickly learned exactly why our fans are so enthusiastic about this venue and about the bowl game. We had just an outstanding experience and when we had the opportunity to come back here we were thrilled to death. Our players don't know what a great experience they have in store." On Hawkeyes from Texas: "It is an opportunity for eight young men on our roster to come back to their home state and Drew is probably the most prominent player in that group. To have the chance to come back and play in front of family, friends and former coaches, I think that is really a special and significant thing. I know guys like Drew, Scott Chandler and Ken Iwebema are all very excited to be participating back in their home state." On team's finish: "One of our focuses coming into the season was getting off to a faster start. The last two years we have been 2-2 in the initial part of the season and then done very well in October and Novemeber. This year, ironically we got off to a much better start (5-1) and then obviously the second half didn't go the way we chose. I think if I'd pick one word it would be consistency. We didn't play well enough consistently. Our special teams really didn't do much to distinguish themselves and that is something we really pride ourselves on over recent years. Defensively we gave up too many big plays to expect to win against good competition and on offense we had more turnovers this year than we have had in any of our eight years at Iowa." On Ohio State: "Traditionally Ohio State and Michigan have always had great football teams. I can't recall if either of the schools have had a team as strong as they've had this year. It really was an exceptional year when you have two teams that strong playing in one conference and things like that do happen, cyclically I guess. Ohio State is just an outstanding football team and I don't know if they have any weaknesses right now. They have an outstanding cast of characters in that organization that are extremelly well coached and I have as high of respect for Michigan too. They are a great football team." On importance of winning Alamo Bowl: "There a couple of things that take place in a bowl game. First and foremost, you want to win the football game and finish on a positive note. If you look back at the teams that have won the last couple game here, they have gone on to do great things. Most importantly you want to win it for this year, finish on a positive note and as coach said, you want your seniors to go out with a great pace. You have a couple things going on at once, but first and foremost on the 30th everybody is going to be thinking about that day and the great opportunity in front of them." --Speaker: Mack Brown, Texas Head Coach Opening Statement: "Thank you as well for inviting the University of Texas. When we found we were coming here, we were very excited. We have some great friends in San Antonio and this is an opportunity we have not been able to accept, play and enjoy. I spent three years at Iowa State and my knowledge of the history of the University of Iowa football program really grew. I think there were 19 years of losing seasons and they filled it up every week. I can say that is one thing we don't have in common at the University of Texas. Ours wouldn't come if we lost for 19 years. We are both excited about playing each other. The fan base at Iowa has always been known to travel and the one now in Austin, our fans, have filled up the Holiday Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, two Rose Bowls and now helping fill up here. For a group of fans that have never been credited for traveling, ours are have really started travelling." On importance of winning Alamo Bowl: "You want to win every game, so every game is important. When you lose a game at any time, it affects your program. I don't think it affects recruiting at programs like this because most of the kids know where they want to go for the last ten years. It's not an issue to us and I'm sure that both coaching staffs will be using this to finish off a great run with a senior class and also to start fresh next year." On Colt McCoy's status: "It is entirely too early to rate. I think they just told us it is a wait and see process." On defensive coordinator position: "I can reiterate the fact that I said a week ago that we would not talk to anyone about the defensive coordinator's job or a defensive position until after the bowl game as respect to our team, seniors and defensive staff." On Ohio State: "I think tomorrow night when the heisman is announced that Troy Smith has the best chance to win. Troy did for Ohio State what Vince did for us last year. He made the plays he needed to make in critical situations with his head, his feet and obviously his arm. I remember when we first were scheduled to play Iowa in this game I looked at the schedule and the first thing I saw was Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin, who are arguably three of the best teams in the country right now. That is unique that both Iowa and Texas were playing Ohio State at a time where we both could have got in that mix. But give them credit, they have a great team and had a great year." On Vince Young in the NFL: "We are excited for him and Jeff Fisher, they have won the last two games. Jeff seems to be one of the nicest and best coaches in the business. At the same time, Vince will have an exciting weekend coming back to Houston and it will be fun for him to go back home. I thought he handled the draft questions so well and now he is playing for the Titans and not angry at Houston. He will play with the same enthusiasm at home that he would anywhere else to try to continue to get their team back toward the playoffs. It also shows you the power of one guy. He can make a lot of other players play well around him and that seems to be what is happening right now." On fan reaction to first Alamo Bowl appearance: "It has been an unbelievable reaction from our fans. I am proud of them. We obviously didn't finish the season like we wanted to, but if you're not playing in the BCS, you need to play some place that wants you. If you can play a really good team that you have great respect for in front of a full house on ESPN, if you're not going to be in the BCS, it doesn't get any better than that."

December 4th, 2006
Big 12 Team Announcement Press Conference-December 3, 2006

--Speaker: Mack Brown, Texas Head Coach On playing in the Alamo Bowl: ?Last year's (Alamo Bowl) with Michigan and Nebraska obviously helped set them off towards the success that both teams have seen this year, and so as defending National Champs, we didn't finish the year the way we wanted to, but it should be a great match-up against Iowa. Their senior class has had the similar success to our senior class and obviously both universities have tremendous fans so it will be fun to get back and be in front of a lot of Longhorn fans. I was at Iowa State, so I know how those Iowa fans support their team.? On playing close to home: ?I think they (the team) will really like it. We met with them on Wednesday and told them the possibilities and that we were down to the Gator Bowl and the Alamo Bowl. We told them the advantages of both and obviously they will be around their high school coaches, friends and family. When you don?t finish like you wanted to, it?s always great to have that tremendous support.? ?The other thing we told the guys is we know the Alamo Bowl is the home of next year?s conference championship and the people in San Antonio are the nicest and friendliest people in the world.? On Longhorn fans: ?Our fans have been great, we?ve had a great run and we?re not ready to slow down now. This will also give us a chance for Longhorn fans maybe that don?t have season tickets and don?t have an opportunity to come to Austin to come to San Antonio at 3:30 on the 30th for an ESPN game.? On playing Iowa: ?When we played Ohio State early in the year we were disappointed after our game and we knew how good Ohio State was at that time and that has obviously turned out to be true. Then I remember the match up with Iowa and Ohio State being one that they felt like would have national implications and maybe for the Big 10 championship at that time.? ?I also know they have a number of young men from the state of Texas and there is none better than Drew Tate, who has just had an unbelievable career there. They run the ball well, they stop the run well and Kirk has obviously been offered so many jobs and done a tremendous job at Iowa. He is a first class guy and it will be fun for us to prepare for them.? On bowl preparation: ?I think it will be really good. They?ve worked out in the weight room and we obviously have finals. We will start our bowl preparation on Saturday because we have our football banquet on Friday night. We will resume our practice after Saturday, we will take off Sunday and Monday to work on game plans for Iowa and start full speed ahead on Tuesday.? On Colt McCoy's status: ?We expect that McCoy will start at quarterback. We want to see where Colt is in the process. We still have a lot of time before that decision would have to be made. Obviously if he is going to start and play, McCoy is a young man who has been around a long time and taken a lot of snaps and it might be very difficult to get a receiver to get to the level that is running our offense and knowing what to do. If Colt is not going to play then we may have to look in some other directions for a backup.?

November 21st, 2006
Big Ten Team Announcement Press Conference-November 21, 2006

--Speaker: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Head Coach On being invited to play in the Alamo Bowl: "We are thrilled to be selected. We had such a great time in San Antonio in 2001 and the hospitality extended to all of us was just absolutely fantastic. San Antonio is a place that holds a special place in our heart and we?re just excited to be involved in the game. I can assure you we?ll do our best to be ready to play on the 30th." On the way his team finished the season: "This year has been a little bit of a frustrating year for us in some ways. It has been an interesting year and we?ve had a lot of moving parts. I don?t like to talk much about injuries, but they?ve definitely been a bit of a factor and we?ve been a team that hasn?t been as consistent as you?d like to be or need to be on a week to week basis. We think we have the potential to play a very good football game in this bowl and we?re excited to be getting a lot of guys healthy. We feel like we should be pretty close to full strength and are very much looking forward to the weeks of preparation and having the chance to play in a great game." On being selected over Minnesota: "We thought anybody had a chance to go. I have to think our fan support played a major role in this. Our fans are second to none when it comes to traveling to bowl games." On injuries: "Drew Tate has really had a very tough year. He had an abdominal strain at the middle of camp back in August and that thing stuck with him for over a month. Then he came back in the Michigan game and tore some ligaments in his thumb and had surgery the following week and missed the next ball game. He has had some tough cards to play this year, but I think he is feeling good right now and I know he?ll be very excited about this news." "Another Texas native that we?ve missed is Ken Iwebema. He had a shoulder that had to be scoped and we expect him to be back hopefully full speed in the next two weeks. He is another guy from Texas who has really added to our pass rush and we?ve been a little void in that area with his absence. I think having those two guys full speed will help us." "Albert Young, one of our marquee players from a year ago, had a knee injury early in the season that impeded his process. It?s been one of those years where a lot of those types of things have happened. In 2002 I remember we barely had an injury during the course of the year, so you have them at both extremes. It is part of football and we don?t offer it up as an excuse."